Etheroll (DICE)

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Etheroll is a provably-fair Ethereum-based dice gaming Dapp which allows individuals to: i. Place bets in units of Ether The Etheroll dice game has the following characteristics: a. Transparent source code b. Players set their own odds c. No deposits d. No sign-ups e. Immediate payouts f. Competitively low 1% house edge g. Intuitive web-based user interface ii. Bet on the house by holding DICE tokens 100% of all profit Etheroll earns is allocated to token holders. Profit is distributed to token holders proportional to the number of tokens they hold. DICE token holders enjoy exposure to every bet made on the platform, with the advantage of the house edge always being in their favour. Due to the law of large numbers, token holders should always return a profit. The house edge is 1% which means there is a consistent 1% expected value (EV) for token holders.

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