Yggdrash (YEED)

Type: Protocol | Categories: Blockchain Incubator , Digital Currency , Interoperability Between Blockchains



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0.00052 USD

Price at ICO

0.00800 USD

Market Cap.

40,000,000 USD

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YGGDRASH is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchains (branches) built with a vision “Digitize everything into reality” and to connect everything and any blockchain networks. YGGDRASH’s main-net is called STEM, and its cryptocurrency is YEED. It is a trust-based blockchain ecosystem where each branch is governed by reputation to ensure integrity. Improved Data Capacity, Speed, and Expandability: One DApp in Yggdrash ecosystem is an independent blockchain. Each DApp is not bound to other DApps; enjoy the fast and high quality of independent network. “Zero” Network Fee - Reputation Scoring System: Yggdrash adjusts the current fee structure of blockchain by applying reputation. YEED is a crypto-currency and plays as one of criteria to evaluate reputation. Downsizing Data: Yggdrash introduces Akashic Records & Block Box to minimize the size of block data. It reduces efforts preparing node and shorten delay fom several days to less than an hour. DPOA : Delegated Proof Of Authority: DPOA, agreed algorithm, gives users & operators with high reputation authorities. It assures independence, incentive, and expandability while increasing connectivity.

Presale Starting

12 Mar 2018 05:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

19 Mar 2018 00:00 GMT/UTC

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