Basis-Neuro (BNST)

Type: Platform | Categories: Artificial Intelligence , Build dapps , Gaming , Platform , Virtual Reality

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30,000,000 USD

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The goal of the Basis Neuro project is to create a neural interface capable of recording, analyzing, and interpreting brain signals in real-time mode for multiple purposes. Since 2008, the company founders have been conducting scientific research of the brain and using data to create methods and algorithms of neural monitoring and neural management based on the electroencephalography (EEG) method. The developments of Basis Neuro have solved the majority of the current problems existing on the market for neural technologies. The Basis Neuro specialists have created a more accurate mechanism for reading brain signals and developed a conceptually new software environment to control devices – for the accuracy and speed of non-contact interaction. New learning algorithms were developed, capable of detecting EEG patterns reproduced by humans at a high rate and using them as control commands. Basis Neuro is creating a neural platform for the implementation of neural technological products by third-party developers based on its own technological solutions.

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21 Feb 2018 00:00 GMT/UTC

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15 Jun 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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Cayman Island’s company Basis Neuro


Nik Sviridov

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Konstantine Karczmarski

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