Ehealth-First (EHF)

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An IT-platform for Personalized Health and Longevity Management based on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing For healthy people, patients and health professionals Comprehensive IT Platform + 2 related web / mobile apps 23 Team Members from 9 countries The eHealth First is an IT-platform to support decision-making in the field of health management, longevity, diagnostics, the prevention and treatment of common diseases for non-specialist users, medical specialists and researchers based on blockchain technology, machine learning, natural language analysis, neural networks, big data, clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine and telemedicine. The concept The project is developing and implementing an innovative IT platform for screening and optimal algorithms for maintaining health and diagnosing, treating and preventing various diseases and conditions. A project which is unique. The platform will include a number of the most sensitive and specific, validated questionnaires with highest possible currently diagnostic effectiveness. A range of the most sensitive diagnostic methods and the most effective medical interventions (taking into account the need to clarify the diagnosis and prescriptions of the attending physician), as well as most evidence-based lifestyle recommendations will be available on the basis of an innovative open medical knowledge platform in the field of aging and robust longevity. The open platform is being developed using A.I., such as Natural Language Processing methods for the ever-growing body of publications in medical science, machine learning, and neural networks. As a result, the IT platform will reduce the obsolescence of medical knowledge. The open and free part of the platform will be an ontological network replenished using natural language and neural network processing methods semi-automatically (with expert pre-moderation) with the participation of both project staff and authorized qualified volunteers. The inference and visualization of search queries in a user-friendly intuitive interface based on the ontology project team has already created will greatly facilitate the search for scientific information, and the synthesis and acquisition of new scientific knowledge. This will be one of the first open systems for the deep processing of scientific medical texts and the first such system in the field of aging and longevity research in the world. Use Cases for Healthy People / Patients - to write down, collect and store in blockchain and centralized repositories encrypted complete personal health-related information, including clinical data; - to share at will complete personal health-related information, including clinical data, with stakeholders (physicians, health specialists, nutritiologists, psychologists, relatives etc.); - to control, monitor and evaluate health status; - to get most relevant resultant personalized health-related information and EBM-based recommendations on demand at any time (prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, food, life-style, active longevity etc.); - to get "a second opinion" about health condition and health professional's recommendations; - to plan and get telemedicine consultations on demand; - to find optimal local hospitals, outpatient clinics and health specialists in order to solve a personal health-related issue. Use Cases for Healthcare Providers - to get relevant, accurate and up-to-date information about health status of a patient / customer, without wasting time on re-collection of anamnesis at each first consultation; - to check clinical recommendations using in-build e-manuals (locally approved drug labels, test methods, validated questionnaires etc.); - to recommend to a patient / client use in-build electronic questionnaires and their results in clinical practice; - to send medical appointments to a patient via Members Area; - to input, store and share with EHF Apps users the information about professional area, education, skills, experience, achievements and contact details; - to plan and provide telemedicine consultations on demand; - to organize at patient's will online medical consiliums, inviting other health professionals and healthcare providers. Use Case for EHF Project Partners / Software Developers - to develop, publish, distribute and sell their own health-related applications through EHF Marketplace. Use Cases for Researchers and Public Institutions - to plan and carry out population studies (observational and clinical ones) on EHF Platform (impersonal data of users, who granted appropriate permission could be used for the study purposes only); - to get statistical information about public health and healthcare (impersonal data of users who granted appropriate permission could be used for these purposes only); - to search and classify evidence-based biomedical information of their interest. Use Cases for Industry Researchers and Commercial Companies - to plan and carry out population studies (observational and clinical ones) and Patient Support Programs (PSP) on EHF Platform (impersonal data of users who granted appropriate permission could be used for the study purposes only); - to inform users about their services and products; - to develop, publish, distribute and sell their own health-related applications (modules) through EHF Marketplace, including ones for support their hardware products (test systems, therapeutic equipment, wearables etc.); - to search and classify evidence-based biomedical information of their interest. Key Areas and Technologies - Blockchain - Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Natural Language Processing (NLP) - Machine Learning (ML) - Big Data - Clinical Epidemiology - Biostatistics - Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) - Longevity and Aging Studies - Medical Informatics - Expert Systems - Telemedicine - Human Genomics - Protection of Personal Data - ICO Regulation - Healthcare IT Regulation

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eHealth First Project


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