Deedcoin (DEED)

Type: Platform | Categories: Real Estate

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#138 / 622

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1.50 USD

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28,000,000 USD

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Deedcoin is point and shoot, you work with our local agents anywhere and get same full service. The problem of predatory real estate commission is not exclusive to the United States. Globally, there is over $200 trillion in privately held real estate. Deedcoin harnesses blockchain to remove the centralized bureaucratic authorities that raises costs for homeowners and agents. Deedcoin displaces the monolithic middlemen and restores control and equity to the homeowner. The network and infrastructure are already usable with partnered brokerages in 140 cities across all 50 States. Deedcoin agents and a revolutionary platform are standing by to help homeowners. Only 50 Deedcoin is needed to retain 5% more of the equity in a property upon sale, while still enabling owners to access full service agents for a mere 1% commission. Deedcoin ( brings blockchain to the real estate sector in ways which benefit everyone. Deedcoin decentralizes control in the real estate industry to reduce costs and bring a true free market to and industry, in the same way Bitcoin changed banking forever. By bringing agents and customers into a new direct economy, Deedcoin streamlines real estate to benefit customers, agents, and the future of the $700B real estate industry. Deedcoin's patent pending (App. No. 62/552,038) platform is already live at and simply replaces the way customers find their next real estate agent. Instead of choosing a random 6% commission agent, customers access our platform, input their property information, and link up with their local Deedcoin agent for 1% commission. Deedcoin customers use DEED to decide the commission or rebate before linking with the Deedcoin agent. Deedcoin integrates fully with the existing real estate infrastructure. All discounts are reflected on the standard HUD forms during a property closing and all homes are listed, or purchased, through standard MLS’s. Customers have access to a groundbreaking technology dashboard allowing 24/7 access to an agent or licensed transaction assistant. Deedcoin’s DEED tokens will access a better real estate network that is already useable in 130+ cities and in all 50 States. We streamline real estate to run on 1%, allowing future commissions to be set by the free market based on the price of DEED. DEED replace commission at a ratio of 10 DEED to 1% of a property's price. Simply think of Deedcoin in tens. Each ten DEED are used for 1% of a property's total cost, regardless of the property's price, because DEED functions as a percentage. Deedcoin removes the centralized control of the real estate industry from large powers such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and mega-brokerages, along with their antiquated 6% commissions. Initially sold at $1.50 per Deedcoin at the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), each token saves a holder $225 on the average U.S. home ($225,000) and $1,000 on a million dollar property, for example. Deedcoin saves even more, per token, on higher value properties. You can buy, own, or transfer like Bitcoin and also use it directly. Although Deedcoin will start in the U.S., it is planned to grow the broker network to other countries where the commissions in real estate remain too expensive. The funding behind Deedcoin is designed to enhance the platform, market the solution to new adopters, and add more blockchain solutions in the real estate space (both in the U.S.A. and internationally). The first phase of our blockchain solution empowers the public to stop losing 6% of the cash value of their home when they use real estate agents. Initially, Deedcoin plans to release a simple token like many others however, Deedcoin does not plan to stay on the ERC20 protocol. The process solves one thing at a time to build a base for ongoing solutions. By moving an industry customer base to blockchain for cost reduction and efficiency, Deedcoin creates a platform to direct other solutions in the space. The first iteration of Deedcoin is based on the same economic principles as Bitcoin. Bitcoin in code is very simple, it transfers. However, the capabilities of Bitcoin are so much more. Simply storing wealth personally and being able to transfer value without bank fees and control, built the very foundation of Blockchain. Deedcoin allows this solution of decentralizing the economic control of a major industry through the same method. By taking commissions out of fiat, and into token, the free market can now set the price of commissions for every homeowner. Like banks and Bitcoin, the centralized powers can only control fiat currency, they have no power over blockchain economics. Blockchain economics cannot be controlled absolutely by governments or lobbyists. Deedcoin bypasses centralized control in real estate through decentralizing the commission. The institutions driving up commissions lose the central position. This is the first problem to solve but blockchain empowers many more solutions in the industry. Upgrading the protocol after launch, to a proven and existing 3rd generation blockchain, would enable future DEED to move listing information through a decentralized MLS (Multiple Listing Service). An open MLS would allow lower costs for agents, free access for customers, and unalterable property history storage. By giving open access to home listings, the predatory marketing companies that syndicate this data for fees are removed from the equation. Deedcoin will redefine the real estate industry: First, through a simple token to give back 5% of each homes equity to the rightful owners, and second, as a blockchain data solution to keep the entire industry, balanced, decentralized, and fair. Deedcoin will redefine the real estate industry and hone a new cutting edge through blockchain.

Presale Starting

19 Feb 2018 00:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

26 May 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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