Bezant (BZNT)

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40,000,000 USD

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Connecting the World Through Borderless Payments Bezant is a decentralized payment protocol that will disrupt the digital content and ecommerce sectors. Bezant is a decentralized payment protocol that provides fast, secure, and reliable payment solutions so that people from all over the world could access global digital contents without borders with the Jehmi Platform. Bezant through the Jehmi Payment Network, a network that aggregates hundreds of payment methods from around the world, can be easily topped up in their Jehmi Wallet with user preference focused payment methods. Users with the Bezant token can make purchases on the Jehmi platform and access global content. Bezant allows the users and also the content creators to pay and also receive payment from anywhere on the globe instantly without dealing with accumulating costs from transaction fees. Fluid payments are made possible because of the off-chain network, making even the microtransactions reliable, transparent, and cost-efficient. Digital Content Distribution Platform Company Jehmi is a leading global white label content platform and also your best online business partner. The platform is connected to a local partner that is an industry leader in their respective space, with a strong brand, loyal audience and most importantly expertise to operate their own digital contents storefront. Jehmi's dynamic and experienced team consists of experts from games, payments, and advertising industries. BEZANT BLOCKCHAIN The Bezant blockchain will be created using the Hyperledger fabric technology as a starting point, which provides for distributed ledger technology (DLT) enabling enterprise-ready network security, scalability, confidentiality and performance, in a modular blockchain architecture. The Basic workflow of transaction on the proposed Bezant blockchain: 0) Assumption: User has downloaded Client and registered with Organization (channel) 1) Client A initiates a transaction proposal and send to multiple peers on the channel; 2) Endorsing peers verify (sign) the proposal transaction and submit to the Client A; 3) Client sends endorsed Proposals to Orderer as a transaction; 4) An orderer receives proposed ledger updates concurrently from many different applications in the network on a particular channel and packages these into blocks; 5) The final phase of the transaction workflow involves the distribution and subsequent validation of blocks from the orderer to the peers, where they can be applied to the ledger.

Whitelist Starting

23 Apr 2018 02:00 GMT/UTC

Presale Starting

03 May 2018 02:00 GMT/UTC

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Bezant Foundation Limited


Steve Tay

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Daesik Kim

Mark Yu


Tyler Kim

Luke Shim

SangYoung Park

KJ Eee

JH Kim

Shizuya Nakamoto

James Hursthouse

Jae-min Byun

Chris Suh

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