Stream (STR)

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#559 / 621

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0.01000 ETH


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33,000,000 USD

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Stream is a blockchain based economic layer putting content creators back in power. 1. We work in the background of the Internet to link content and audiences across platforms. 2. We let creators of free content get paid when their fans watch their content using Stream - without having to sell out. The Stream Token (STR) is a block-chain based cryptocurrency that lets content creators get paid with absolutely no middleman taking a cut. Every Stream Token a creator earns, they keep. The Stream Chrome Extension layers on the platforms you're already using to let you earn and send STR. You'll get tokens just for signing up and can acquire more through in-extension challenges. 1. You watch what you want. Nobody makes that decision for you. 2. Your voice matters. We reward the creators you watch.

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16 Nov 2017 00:00 GMT/UTC

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Stream US Services LLC


Simar Mangat

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Greg Kufera

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Chris Barrett

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Steve Chen

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Saureen Shah

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Eric Meltzer

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