Stoxum (STM)

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#589 / 622

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0.00002 BTC


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30,000,000 USD

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Stoxum is the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange with aggregate pool of liquidity, which combine speed of centralized solutions and the reliability of decentralized where the owner of exchange with the right to receive income is each holder of the official token STM. All financial indicators of the platform are completely open and the pool of liquidity unites third-party projects working on the system White Label. Service is a product of high quality, which combines high speed of operation, well-developed technical base and convenient to use professional trading interface, gathering all the best from leading projects. How will Stoxum change the market? > A hybrid system adopting the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges > Full transparency with reports on all transactions > Top-5 cryptocurrencies available for trading at the start > Innovative voting system for adding coins > Up to 2 new coins added every month Why should I buy Stoxum tokens? > 100% dividend revenue for all tokens holders > Affiliate program with the highest allocations > White Label solution to launch your platform > HTTP & WebSocket API for trading mechanisms > Trading bots built into the platform working with different algorithms Conception Stoxum is the world's first exchange platform for cryptocurrencies where each holder of the STM token becomes a co-owner and can rely on revenue from the exchange's profit proportional to the number of tokens available for emission which eventually decreases that inevitably increases the value of the token. Let's make an assumption in which the company issues 100,000,000 of tokens at a token price of $0.20 *. At the same time, the daily turnover of the exchange is 10,000 BTC, and the commission for trading is 0.15%. The trading volume per month will be: 10,000 x 30 = 300,000 BTC. We will receive the exchange's profit from the auctions for the month of 300,000 / 0.15% x 2 = 900 BTC = $8,100,000 (at the bitcoin exchange rate of $9,000). Having bought 1,000,000 STM tokens for $200,000 you will receive 1% of the income of the exchange, which is 8,100,000 / 100 = $81,000 per month. Approximate payback period of investments will be no more than 3 months from the moment of the exchange exit on the expected financial indicators. * This example does not include revenue from commissions to withdraw funds to another purse which is one of the main sources of the exchange's profit, but it is difficult to predict and it is dynamic depending on the work of a particular blocking network. Also the example is not a call to action and it is of an abstract nature. The project code and documentation will be published in open access on the service which will allow not only to study the technical side of the project but also to propose its changes. Everyone will be able to start and maintain a master node to increase the decentralization of the project and to help distribute working nodes around the world. The Stoxum ecosystem itself will consist not only of the main site but can also offer a quick and efficient White Label solution which at this stage has no analogues - a pooled liquidity pool for all sites within the ecosystem. With this model even a significant increase in one site will affect the entire ecosystem and increase the income of the holders of the token.

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30 Apr 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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10 May 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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25 May 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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10 Jun 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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20 Jun 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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01 Jul 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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