Tv-Two (TTV)

Type: Platform | Categories: Data Aggregation , Data Sharing , Entertainment

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#264 / 621

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0.00010 ETH


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35,000,000 USD

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TV-TWO,a blockchain-based Open Platform that helps to decentralize the TV ecosystem in order to spread the oligopolistic surplus of TV networks among Consumers, Content Creators,and Advertisers. TV-TWO offers the community a solution in form of an Open Platform for those who are curious about cutting the cord This includes: First, an application for Connected TVs that blends traditional television with a personalized video stream o↵ering premium content at no subscription costs. The video stream can always be opened with just one click of a button. Second, the Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that administers the exchanged value between consumers, content providers and advertisers. We propose a new ecosystem, where the trustless nature of the Ethereum blockchain makes it possible for market participants to interact directly without having to rely on middlemen. Consumers get to watch curated videos while receiving TTV for choosing to see sponsored messages from advertisers

Presale Starting

24 Jan 2018 00:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

24 May 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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