Qravity (QCO)

Type: Platform | Categories: Entertainment

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#270 / 621

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0.00020 ETH


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39,760,000 USD

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Qravity is a digital entertainment production studio and distributor where decentralized creative teams get royalties for their work. Qravity provides a space for creative visionaries to collectively develop original monetizable digital content, including movies, music, games, e-books, and applications. The platform uses virtual tokens on the Ethereum blockchain to track digital content creation, distribute project stakes among creative team members, and bring Qravity-produced content directly to market. Blockchain technology makes the platform’s transactions transparent in terms of revenue, product distribution, and profit sharing. Qravity helps people with great ideas assemble, manage, and pay creative teams to produce original premium movies, video games, music, and more. Minimize risk, maximize rewards Creators get stakes in the projects they produce with Qravity, which only hosts and distributes monetizable premium content. Earn royalties Content creators receive stake-based royalties whenever their content is consumed. The more successful their creation, the greater their earnings. Boost confidence Qravity makes it easy for content creators to form successful working relationships and build a productive and collaborative community. Simplify project management A full suite of professional project management tools keeps content development on course at every stage, from planning through production right up to distribution. Optimize workflow and collaboration Hands-on collaboration tools facilitate communication between distributed creative team members, and track each member’s contributions.

Presale Starting

18 Aug 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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01 Sep 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

08 Sep 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

15 Sep 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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22 Sep 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

CrowdSale Starting

29 Sep 2018 01:00 GMT/UTC

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Qravity QCO GmbH


Reinhard David Brandstaetter

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Christian Sascha Dennstedt

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Chris Barber

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Patrick Seguin

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Franz Eigel

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Andreas Petersson

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Łukasz Cimer

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Roxy Terletska

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Victoria Liset

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Dr. Oliver Völkel, LL.M.

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Bryan W. Hollmann, Esq., LL.M.

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Igor Testen

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Michael Sormann

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Christian Haas

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Kieran Costello

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