14 Thai Banks Embrace Blockchain, Reddit Rules on Comedy and a $12 Million Dollar Kitty Farm

Today sees Bitcoin back up to the $9k mark and Ethereum also more positive at around $580 with altcoins looking more positive at a glance. The #DeleteFacebook furor continuing to make headlines and contributing to its plummeting stock price has no doubt been a handy diversion for journalists and media outlets, pushing the subject of advertising bans by social networks into the background.

Reddit has announced a few changes to its rules regarding its main cryptocurrency (/r/Cryptocurrency) forum in a bid to combat manipulation, blatant shilling, FUD and general spam/noise from Cryptomemes and “comedy posts”. Whilst one might assume there would be overall positive reaction to the move, the comments on the announcement are mixed – those against the idea and complaining have probably never tried to find factual information about ICO projects and how much “research rage” the process of wading through eleventy million memes to find any useable or reliable information causes - a long overdue move by Reddit - we can but hope Telegram makes similar changes at some point!

Thailand has announced its first Blockchain Community Initiative encompassing 14 Thai banks, 3 state enterprises and 4 large corporations. Tying in with the first Thai project launched last year of blockchain-based letters of guarantee (LGs), the Bank of Thailand is making significant progress in the adoption of blockchain tech, the Thai Bankers Association Chairman stated “The blockchain-based LG service is a starting point toward end-to-end paperless processes which are highly secure, easy to examine and difficult to forge. It is better than conventional methods. The LGs on blockchain can be conveniently examined anytime and anywhere, and each change will be automatically recorded. The system also allows for further connectivity to other bank and business networks envisioned for the future.”

CryptoKitties is making headlines again after hauling in $12 Million to “make the blockchain purr” led by VC firms Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures in addition to a healthy list of significant angel/seed investors. Why and what the capital is to be used for is not very clear according to the announcement – as long as they don’t further clog the networks up again as was seen when they initially launched, I’m sure the world will be glad to know they can still buy the world’s most expensive version of what is essentially a Cat Tamagotchi.

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Created: Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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