Another Celebrity Jumps on the Crypto Bandwagon, Escobar Brother Launches ICO and carVertical Confused

Today sees Bitcoin sitting around $8.7k with Ethereum still stuck at $540 with little market volatility overnight and most alt-coins in the green this morning. Other industry news appears to be largely puzzling for some reason with what can only be described as an odd array of announcements making the headlines.

Football star Michael Owen has jumped on the celebrity cryptocurrency bandwagon appearing in an interview on CNBC announcing his foray into the crypto-world by joining GCOX – a platform aiming to tokenise celebrities and give them the ability to create their own personal cryptocurrencies. Owen said “he sees the technology as a good platform for celebrities like himself to interact directly with fans” however, no announcement on the subject so far on Owens twitter feed, and most recent blog post on his site dates back to 2014 – one has to question how the footballing legend thinks cryptocurrencies work and how they allow direct interaction with fans?

Roberto Escobar, brother of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar has launched an ICO called “Diet Bitcoin” (DDX) along with a book titled “Pablo Escobar’s Diet Bitcoin” in which what can only be described as wild claims are made such as “Bitcoin was created by the American government and not by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto” and “most cryptocurrencies currently available are fraudulent, and vows that his DDX will be there when all others fall.” The offering appears to be little more than a fork of Bitcoin, with tokens being offered at a whopping 96% discount currently, the words “barge” and “pole” spring to mind.

Car makers BMW have taken to twitter to correct partnership claims made by carVertical – essentially carVertical are only using BMW’s publically available data endpoints and no formal partnership has been created – BMW explicitly stated this and yet carVertical later released blog posts and press releases still stating a true partnership is in place. Whilst not the first claim by a crypto company to stretch the definition of a partnership - it illustrates the importance of fact checking before diving in to any ICO's or tokens.

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Created: Thursday, March 22, 2018

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