Breaking News - "Green" Crypto-Mining Company Announces Revolutionary Invention and ICO Pre-Launch

News this morning from Bong Town in Bong County (Liberia) that a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs at Bongatorium LLC are about to release details of innovative new cryptocurrency mining equipment designed to increase the efficiency of mining cryptos for Marijuana enthusiasts by converting the smell into electricity and the impending launch of their ICO.

In a press call the company spoke of the imminent release of a new range of cultivation and consumption equipment for growers and consumers that convert the often unwanted smell from marijuana farms into electricity whilst eliminating the odour at source, which then uses the subsequent power gained to power a specially designed cryptomining rig.

Products in the range - all of which feature the patent pending odour conversion and electricity generating technology – include:

  • The Bong-in-ator – an odourless desktop bong that when used produces no smell or smoke
  • The De-Stank range of fans will be available in all shapes, sizes and flow rates for indoor growers tired of complaining neighbours and cops raiding their grow operations due to the smell – odour removal and conversion to electricity is over 99.8%
  • For consumers, the Un-Stank range of fans and filters can be retro-fitted to existing bongs and vaping devices. Stand-alone Un-Stank units can be used in any room, space, vehicle, and aircraft to remove smells at home, office or on the move whilst producing mining power

Initial Coin Offering Plans

At this stage the company is looking for seed investors and pre-ico investors in advance of their ICO launch which is expected to take place on the 20th April at 16:20 PST interested parties are encouraged to submit contact details (below) to learn more about the opportunities

When asked for more specifics about the token economics, team, business plan etc. company spokesperson Terence Hornblower-Curuthers said “We had a pdf printed out somewhere but Stan in the marketing department appears to have rolled a bifta with it and currently smoking it in the break room – rest assured when the smoke clears and we can find the printer again we’ll print another one and stuff it on twitter somewhere”

He went on to say “Dude, we have created possibly the most dank invention in living memory – a device that helps growers and users alike, whilst at the same time reducing the chances of getting complaints from non-marijuana enthusiasts AND mine cryptocurrency at the same time. Whilst all the other cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are being bashed for being “illegal” and little more than “fresh air” by the media and regulators alike – at least we can claim we actually are in the business of fresh air production and make users money at the same time whilst cultivating or partaking in the odd doobie”

Bongatorium as yet have no digital presence online but promise to launch their website and social media channels the moment their web designer recovers from “a rather serious whitey”. Hornblower-Curuthers stated “The business model is just so awesome – fresh air, weed, and free money – what more could anyone want? We bumped into crypto expert John McAfee years ago and ran the idea past him and he thought the idea was wicked. We have kept a low profile online after advice from our patent lawyers that staying under the radar right up until we launch so no one can copy our ideas would be a wise move. Once we are live we’ll be having a chat with Ian Balina and Suppoman and get them on board as ambassadors”

Whitelist/Interest registration

In the meantime, interested parties can apply to be whitelisted for the ICO using the form below and will be notified as and when further information is available.

Created: Saturday, March 31, 2018

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