GMO Coin in Baseball Deal, Surprise Data From ING Survey & Possibly The Fanciest Cryptocurrency Wallets

A slight recovery for the cryptocurrency markets overnight after the bloodbath at the weekend, the global cryptocurrency market cap is now $253 billion, up $2 billion on yesterday, Bitcoin up by $66 to $6229, and Ethereum at $449 – same price as yesterday. The lack of movement from Ethereum is likely due to some bulk selling by EOS in the past few hours according to research by Trustnodes.

Dutch banking giants ING have published the results of their “Cracking the Code on Cryptocurrency” online survey carried out between 26th of March and the 6th of April this year which asked nearly 15,000 users across the USA, Europe and Australia about their opinions on cryptocurrency. Overall the results make for very positive reading as it happens, unlike a survey carried out earlier this year in which the Mirror “newspaper” declared that more than a third of Brits believed the term “cryptocurrency” referred to funeral finance. The ING survey illustrates the growth of public knowledge of the industry in general and goes to state some 24% of those surveyed would expect to own cryptocurrency in the future – a potential increase of 16% overall. One surprising statistic revealed by the report was there is little difference in awareness by the younger age groups stating: “people aged 25-34 or 35-44 - are not much more likely to agree they have heard of cryptocurrency than other age groups”.

GMO Coin has announced it is officially sponsoring a Japanese baseball team, the Chiba Lotte Marines enabling GMO Coin to contribute toward the team’s development whilst gaining significant brand exposure in the process. The Marines are a well-known team having won the Japan Series four times over the years, however their last series win was back in 2010 which might well be one of the reasons for the sponsorship deal for the team. Sports sponsorship by blockchain businesses is expected to grow significantly as advertising regulations restrict teams and broadcasters options through bans on tobacco and alcohol advertising as Formula 1 and Premiership Football has seen for example. Blockchain companies with big budgets and liquidity make ideal targets for high cost advertising agencies.

Possibly the fanciest physical cryptocurrency wallets are now available in an ICOformula exclusive announcement courtesy of Thomas Crown Art. The company has developed a mechanism combining physical artwork with blockchain to effectively “walletise” the artwork itself enabling the possibility to use the artwork as a cryptocurrency wallet or store of value whilst at the same time creating a permanent chain of provenance for the individual works of art. A number of blockchain inspired artists are already producing and selling their works through the company’s website which showcases some impressive works, available in a number of options and sizes from original works to very high quality limited edition prints. Artists and exhibitors of the “walletised” art can attract donations directly to their works making it a very attractive tool for current and future generations of artists that all too often struggle to monetise their works in their own lifetime. The addition of the immutable chain of provenance will undoubtedly boost confidence of art buyers also. Below is a collection of works currently available from Thomas Crown Art – ideal for the cryptocurrency enthusiast that has everything, or even as a gift to which cryptocurrency can be added later with a simple scan of a QR code.

Thomas Crown smART Walletised Art Collection

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Created: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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