ICO Ratings on ICOformula - Movers and Shakers of Week 19

A volatile weekend for the cryptocurrency markets with the global market cap now sat at $390 billion after lows of $366 billion on Saturday. Bitcoin down on Friday from $8782 to $8378, Ethereum faring better - up from $697 on Friday to $703.

Blockchain Week sees the start of the hotly anticipated 3 day Concensus blockchain event today. Hosted by CoinDesk and promising a sizable speaker lineup including Twitter Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard and FedEx CEO Frederick Smith to name a few. Ripple have announced a private after-party in a secret location to be headlined by Snoop Dogg somewhere in the Manhattan meat packing district. Whilst these events do create more awareness of crypto and blockchain generally, they can be incredibly expensive to attend – so much so Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin publicly vowed to boycott Consensus this year, partly because of the high ticket prices. With prices between 2 and 3 thousand dollars a ticket we have to agree it’s a tad on the high side.

HSBC and ING report they have successfully completed their first live commercial trade finance blockchain transaction using the R3 Corda platform. The deal was done on behalf of Cargill for a cargo of soybeans being exported from Argentina to Malaysia using the letter of credit module within Corda. The transaction itself was accomplished in just 24 hours – significantly quicker than the 5-10 days similar deals take using traditional methods. Although still early days, the successful trade solidly proves the potential behind the system.

New ICO Ratings on ICOformula

Vuulr (VUU)

Nafen (NFN)

Yodse (YODSE)

Wixlar (WIX)

Arround (ARR)

Last week in the world of ICO Ratings on ICOformula:

The first chart shows us how the top 10 ICO’s by average position have changed over the course of the previous week:

Top 10 ICO Ratings Week 19

The second chart shows the top 10 ICO’s by largest average position gain over the past week:

Top 10 ICO Rating Gains Week 19

The third chart shows the top 10 ICO's by largest average position drop over the past week:

Top 10 Falling ICO Ratings Week 19

Caveat: Only ICO’s that have had the status of ICO are used in the data set for the full 7 day range are included in the following charts. ICO’s that either entered the dataset mid-way through the week, OR completed the ICO process and completed their sale/trading as tokens are not included in these charts.

Learn more about ICOformula ratings and how the Formulatron calculates them in our in-depth guide to how ICOformula rates ICOs.


Created: Monday, May 14, 2018

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