ICO Ratings on ICOformula - Movers and Shakers of Week 28

Another positive weekend for the cryptocurrency markets, the global cryptocurrency market cap is up $14 billion to $263 billion, Bitcoin gained $291, now at $6545 and Ethereum also up, gaining $29 to $466 this morning.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority has announced it will be launching a blockchain based trade platform next month that will effectively link up with 21 banks, significantly reducing the time and paperwork required to process routine trade and supply-chain finance transactions. The system has been designed by the Chinese company Ping An Group basing the Hong Kong model on their technology already in use in mainland China. Deputy Chief Executive for Ping An, Jessica Tan said “Instead of individual banks trying to do this you have the regulator trying to bring the banks together”. The platform itself will be owned by the banks that have partnered with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 2 banks of significant note are mentioned, namely HSBC and Standard Chartered. If all goes according to plan, the platform will be one of the first of its kind to go live.

Unilever is to partner with Blis to assist with a pilot blockchain platform to increase transparency in the digital advertising space. Unilever will help evaluate and refine the service Blis can provide to advertisers and data providers moving forward. Greg Isbister, CEO at Blis said "We've taken an innovative approach to tracking geographical data for digital advertising to solve a critical problem. Combining our deep expertise with blockchain technology will allow us to deliver a new solution that will address the growing trust, accountability and transparency needs that are pressing the advertising industry," Business clients will potentially benefit from refined data which will include extended details about the data sources GDPR compliance requirements and validated data provenance.

New ICO Ratings on ICOformula:

Quickx (QCX)
Quanta (QDEX)
Gamb (GMB)
Metahash (MHC)

Last week in the world of ICO Ratings on ICOformula:

The first chart shows us how the top 10 ICO’s by average position have changed over the course of the previous week:

Top 10 ICO Ratings Week 28

The second chart shows the top 10 ICO’s by largest average position gain over the past week:

Top 10 ICO Rating Gains Week 28

The third chart shows the top 10 ICO's by largest average position drop over the past week:

Top 10 Falling ICO Ratings Week 28

Caveat: Only ICO’s that have had the status of ICO are used in the data set for the full 7 day range are included in the following charts. ICO’s that either entered the dataset mid-way through the week, OR completed the ICO process and completed their sale/trading as tokens are not included in these charts.


Learn more about ICOformula ICO ratings and how the Formulatron calculates them in our in-depth guide to how ICOformula rates ICOs.

Created: Monday, July 16, 2018

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