The Ups and Downs of ICO Rankings - Movers and Shakers of Week 11

After a volatile week for cryptocurrencies last week Bitcoin currently sits in the low $8000 range whilst Ethereum remains an attractive buy whilst still sub $600 at approximately $550.

Good news from Mark Carney in his statement published by the FSB stating “The FSB’s initial assessment is that crypto-assets do not pose risks to global financial stability at this time” although continual assessment of the sector will be ongoing as market conditions change.

Today we present some insight into how the Formulatron processes and rates ICO’s over time – and what that looks like as a result over the last week.

Whilst there are many ICO rating and ranking sites around on the internet, it’s fair to say most are powered by relatively simple spreadsheets which in turn are fueled with largely opinion-based data.

The Formulatron has been built to take into account social and community metrics, as well as dynamically updating to account for current market conditions, which subsequently enables us to provide for all intents and purposes “live” relative rankings based upon the ICO’s  and tokens that we track (ICO’s and tokens that are in the ICOformula dataset).

Our dataset of upcoming ICO’s is constantly refreshed and updated as and when data points change or additional points are added or discovered – as a result we have a dynamic output and scoring mechanism.

Caveat: Only ICO’s that have had the status of ICO are used in the data set for the full 7 day range are included in the following charts. ICO’s that either entered the dataset mid-way through the week, OR completed the ICO process and completed their sale/trading as tokens are not included in these charts.

The first chart shows us how the top 10 ICO’s by average position have changed over the course of the previous week:

Top 10 Ranking Changes on ICOformula - Week 11

The second chart shows the top 10 ICO’s by largest average position gain over the past week:

Top 10 Rising ICOs on Week 11

The third chart shows the top 10 ICO's by largest average position drop over the past week:

Top 10 Falling ICOs on ICOformula Week 11

Why Rankings Change

As new ICO's are added and completed ICO's finish and subsequently change to tokens within ICOformula - the Formulatron has to recalculate accordingly. In addition, as the markets move, the performance and ROI changes for tokens, and where ICO's are concerned - social media data can vary significantly from day to day as community sentiment changes and occasionally where projects add a new social platform we can acquire data for.

What Does Not Change Rankings

Money, bribes or backhanders. Whilst many ICO rating and ranking sites might favour certain projects over others if a company purchases advertising or paid reviews - at ICOformula we have none of that. That's not to say we don't or won't take advertisments of course - if a project is looking to gain market exposure we are more than happy to discuss a promotional package to help with publicity towards our subscribers - However, it will not change or alter any ranking positions on ICOformula directly.

It may well indirectly improve rankings due to increased exposure and publicity, leading to improved social metrics (resulting in improved ranking by the Formulatron) but rest assured, no matter how many BTC or ETH a company offers us - we will NOT "massage" any scores, rank or rating.

Created: Monday, March 19, 2018

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