Verge in Bed with PornHub, NASA to use Ethereum for Space Traffic & Cambridge Analytica Irony

Bitcoin and Ethereum still stable at $8.1k and $516 respectively today – altcoins overall also still in the green with a handful of exceptions.

A significant news release late yesterday with Verge (XVG) finally confirming rumours of their partnership deal with PornHub only to see their token price plummet almost 25% as holders took to “selling the news”. It would seem a considerable portion of the cryptocommunity were not amused at the announcement suggesting the entire Verge project was solely geared to raise sufficient funding to secure the partnership in the first place.

NASA in conjunction with the University of Akron is starting a project to improve communication and navigation in space that will utilize the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts with the aim to create spacecraft with the ability to “think”. The idea is as a result of the increasing volume of space debris and the need to avoid it without human intervention. If successful the end result will see located debris mapped automatically reducing the vast amounts of time required by scientists updating spacecraft trajectories currently.

One ICO that will likely never see the light of day after recent events is a project planned to “help people secure their online data” by none other than dodgy data dealers Cambridge Analytica. Prior to the #DeleteFaceBook debacle the project may well have been incredibly attractive given the volume of data Cambridge Analytica had access to. After the public uproar and subsequent backlash as a result of the Facebook data leak news, the irony klaxon will likely be ringing long and loud, scuppering any attempt to launch an ICO in the foreseeable future.

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Created: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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